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Broken Treasures




Tyler Hudson

Krisse Briggs

Samus, the Bro Cat.

and more coming soon

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Ty is one of the main characters of Broken Treasures. He is an interesting fellow, Happy-Go-Lucky, kind, friendly, very talkative and silly at times. He doesn't take things take things and life too seriously and loves to have fun and adventures, mostly playing video games with his neighbors and his Cat Samus. He works as the "IT Guy" for Broken Treasures, which is truly odd because he is terrible with technology (Mostly breaking more than fixing). He enjoys it though!


Krisse is another main character of Broken Treasures. We start our story with her as a broken soul, but she hasn't always been that way. She's been through some pretty heavy shit, and blames herself for her current downfall. She's staying with Ty upon his request, until she gets her life back on track. She's...Not doing so well. Bitter, depressed, and incredibly pessimistic, she's pretty close to Rock Bottom. She drinks pretty heavy to drown her sorrows and continue to feel sorry for herself, but after what happened to her one can't blame her. Ty is trying his best to pull her out of this funk!





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